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A U S T R A L I A [08 Nov 2008|12:01am]

[ mood | full ]

Hi guys,

There's a new movie coming out by Baz Luhrmann called AUSTRALIA.

I thought you might like to know that John Butler will be appearing on the soundtrack, as this was mentioned by Baz in a recent podcast for the film. The film is released Nov 26 in AU and USA

- australiamovie.net // australiamovie

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Waitin' for their return to the MIDWEST! [22 Jun 2007|01:19am]

I saw JBT three weeks ago @ The Rave in Milwaukee, WI. One of the best shows I've seen. I miss them so much already! Can't wait 'til the come back this way! They always keep me groovin'...

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John Butler Trio - San Francisco sold-out show [14 Jun 2007|07:29pm]

Anyone want to buy tickets to the sold-out John Butler Trio show in San Francisco on 6/23/07?
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I had to share this... [19 Mar 2007|10:01am]

[ mood | dorky ]

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My sister and I were able to meet John Butler after the show at the Hiro Ballroom in NYC. Best concert ever!

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JBT on Rolling Stones [05 Feb 2007|02:14am]

[ mood | jealous ]

Alert for you lucky Aussies! Long and interesting John Butler interview on this month's issue of Rolling Stone.
I really wish I was Down Under ;)

Also, on the JBT Myspace you can listen to Better Than, which I guess is the new single from the upcoming album...


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I'm sweeping with you :) [24 Jan 2007|08:23pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

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I think this is the most beautiful picture... I took it at a show in New York City last April. With the new album coming out,I hope he tours the US soon!

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World Enviroment Day [04 Jun 2006|09:16pm]

[ mood | tired ]

ok and today looook what i done and whooo i met i am "LOST FOR WORDS"

i have finally met my SAVIOUR and told him what i have wanted to tell all these years:)
Thanks for the music John
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

worlds biggest tree hug :-D they had a tree made of material LOL it was awesome
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Today was a great day at the Save Victorian Old Growth Forests Rally for World Enviroment Day :) a great turn out and some really heart wrenching words from some great speakers and Jack Thompson played Harmonica with JBT hehehe
good too see the feet down there today

Peace People :-)
be happy

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Setlist [09 Apr 2006|06:40pm]

[ mood | sore ]

Anyone, by any chance, have a setlist for the 8 April show in New York?

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Dijon, mustard city. [23 Feb 2006|12:21pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Ok I'm posting this here on the very very large off-chance that I might discover a John Butler Trio fan in Dijon, FRANCE..."Tell her she's dreaming" I hear you scoff, and I would be inclined to agree, but it can't hurt to try.

So JBT are playing at La Vapeur in Dijon on the 21st of March. I wouldn't miss it for the world, but I'm in search of someone to join me. Just getting the message out there...*bats eyelids and crosses fingers naïvely*

Sometimes it's hard to be the only Australian in Dijon. (I really can't back that statement up, it's merely an assumption)

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Live at St. Gallen [05 Jan 2006|03:19pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I got Live at St. Gallen today in the mail... Beside the fact that I was impressed by how quick the delivery was (ordered it after Christmas, just a week to get here from Australia! Go MusicPlug!), this double cd+dvd is amazing. JBT live is fantastic, I would never get tired of listening to them.
Definitely the best new year's gift I could get!

cheers :)

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